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May 25,2023

Gardening despite the heat

Senior gardener with harvested vegetables in the gardenGardening is something the green thumb folks look forward to all winter long…until those triple digits hit full force in the summer. Summer heat can wreak havoc on plants and even you if you’re not careful about how you spend your hours in the garden. Gardening in the summer can be a challenge for a couple of reasons, but with healthy soil and a few well-chosen tactics, your garden can continue looking great and producing even through the peak of summer temps.

Choosing heat-resistant varieties is a great way to keep a garden perky and green through the summer months. Greenhouses and growers are great sources of information about which plants are more apt to flourish in the heat. There are even a few broccoli and lettuce seeds designated as heat tolerant, such as Sunland romaine lettuce and Green Magic broccoli.

Also, rotating your crops to the vegetables that just love soaking up the sun will make your life easier in the summer as well. Okra, squash and peppers are just a few that can’t seem to get enough of the hot summer sun. No matter what varieties of vegetables you want out of your garden, good soil will better prepare them for the intense heat. Plants in soil treated with Worm Power liquid extract were found in university studies to have increased root mass, leading to better nutrient uptake and 50% more disease-fighting compounds, strengthening plants against tough summer temperatures.

Once you have your plants and soil set and cared for, there are additional ways to give your plants a little relief. Try to avoid watering in the hottest parts of the day. For one thing, it can be dangerous for you, the gardener, and it also leads to higher humidity in and around the plants. Watering early when it’s a little cooler gives things a chance to dry before the sun gets blazing. Shade nets can be set to cast temporary shade over more delicate plants. These can be especially useful for lettuce patches. Be careful that these are not left so long as to prevent adequate sun or where they can fall and cause damage. Don’t forget your shade, while you’re at it! Covering the neck and face can prevent painful burns, and wet towels can cool down the neck and arms while working. Of course, your plants are not the only ones that need watering. Staying hydrated while gardening in the summer months is a necessity.

Toughing out those summer months can be the most challenging, but lots of gardeners also find them to be the most rewarding of the gardening season. Lean in to that prosperous growing season and keep you and your plants safe and healthy this year. Worm Power’s 100% organic vermicompost soil products will be there for your plants, and if you do your part, we’ll do ours! Contact us to learn how we can help you with your garden this summer.

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