The Gold Standard of Worm Castings and Worm Worked Material: stronger, healthier plants, from the ground up.


WP Organic Select Granular is an all-natural vermicompost made for improving the soil and the root growing zone, assisting in improved seed germination, plant establishment, and reducing transplant shock.

WP improves stress tolerance and reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers and fungicides. It’s easy to apply, and odorless.

WP works in all types of growing media used in greenhouses and nursery to landscape, specialty crops, turf, berry & vine, raised beds/container gardening, hops, and houseplants. Enhancing growth, vigor, and flavor profile , WP works in all three critical realms: biological, chemical, and physical, providing long term soil health.


Worm Power is CDFA Certified Worm Power is CDFA Certified


Available in 15 Lb  and  40Lb bags, 1 and 2  Cubic Yard Super sacks. East Coast ships from Avon, NY. East Coast Orders Please use the following  contacts for pricing and availability: 855-260-9676 or

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