“I am a strawberry grower with production currently underway on 50 acres.

I’ve noticed many improvements in the strawberries grown with WPLE. The yield was good. There were more flowers, more berries, more uniform ripening, and production was greater. The plants were healthy and had better brix.

WPLE also affected my harvest efficiency. Overall we’ve had fewer culls, and in the first few weeks after beginning treatment, the berries were so large we were able to fill special orders for over-size fruit. I had some as big as apples!”

Jesus RomeroRanch ManagerReiter BrothersOxnard, California

“For the past 28 years, I have been a commercial grower of woody ornamentals and blueberries in Florida and North Carolina. I am a firm believer in building a healthier soil through the use of microorganisms. My motto has always been “A healthier soil grows a healthier plant.” I have used Worm Power in both potting soil and in amending the soil for field-grown blueberries, and have seen phenomenal results with much healthier soil. Worm Power is by far the best product I have found in today’s market.”

Rick HillOwnerFresh Berries, Inc. and past President of the National Blueberry Growser Association

“Our strategy here is to encourage as much life in the soil as we can, rather than applying fertilizers to feed the plant. Worm Power helps us enrich the soil and then lets the soil feed the plant. The more we can strengthen the bond between the soil and the plant, the more we can produce wine that really truly reflects the uniqueness of our location, of our site. And that’s a lot of what wine quality is about.”

Richard FigielOwnerSilver Thread Vineyard

The Worm Power product is very high quality. We are using it primarily to revitalize soil at a large lake site. The soil was badly compacted and destroyed during landscaping, so there was little topsoil and no life in the soil at all. We planted over 2,000 young trees there during the past 10 years.  All were struggling due, at least in part, to the poor soil. We began to use Worm Power to add life and viability to the soil. Your product is easy to handle and apply.  We added it to the holes of the new trees that we planted this year and they have grown very well, much healthier than trees planted previously.

Bobi FroscherGarden Department CoordinatorSYDA Foundation

I have used Worm Power on all my greens for the past five consecutive years. Each year the greens have been easier to manage and looked better to the members. Out of 32 years at the course, this has been the best one ever. The greens did GREAT.

Craig ElmsSuperintendentOklahoma Golf and Country Club and River Oaks Golf Club