Worm Power offers two different sizes of our Organic Liquid Worm Casting Extract for large applications: 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes. Please contact us for availability through our distributors and retailers near you!

WP Organic Liquid Extract is an all-natural liquid, derived from Worm Power Granular vermicompost through a controlled extraction process. Unlike typical “compost tea” that is aerated, brewed, and must be used within a short time span, our liquid extract is a stable product. A high quality production and filtration process allows WPLE to be applied through continuous feed and fertigation delivery systems without fouling and clogging filters or emitters, allowing for a focused and cost-effective application.

Additionally, WPLE accelerates root establishment, encouraging root initiation and bridging into native soil, and increases water-holding capacity of the soil. Plus, ease of application allows for foliar or root zone targeting.

WPLE improves stress tolerance and reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers and fungicides. It’s odorless.

Worm Power Liquid Extract is CDFA Certified Worm Power is CDFA Certified