Creating Happy Hops

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the Northwest, Northeast, Midwest, South or California, or if you’ve got a small two-pole trellis or a high density, one-acre or larger plantation, you know that growing hops is a labor-intensive operation, which requires an incredible amount of nutrients, water and sunlight.

A 100% organic liquid extract, Worm Power promotes the well-being of the soil, enhancing the vigor and growth of hop bines and cones all season long, from rhizome to bloom to harvest. Generated by millions of earthworms that are raised in ideal conditions, our 100% organic liquid extract helps enhance the physical, biological and chemical properties of your soil, ultimately delivering:

  • Accelerated root initiation & development encourages bridging into native soils
  • Increased cone size, Lupulin gland production, alpha acid, and flavor profile
  • Uniform crop ripening
  • Enhanced flowering and flower set
  • Stronger, thicker bines, more dense branching nodes, and increased yield per bine
  • Enhanced stress tolerance
  • More efficient nutrient delivery over an extended period