At Worm Power, we are innovators with a revolutionary vision. In the universe of plant growing and plant health, we believe there is a better, more sustainable path forward and that nature can show us the way.

When Worm Power was founded in 2003 our goal was to establish a bridge between animal agriculture and plant agriculture—to develop an agribusiness that was both environmentally and economically sustainable.

We had discovered an opportunity to reduce excess nutrient loads from dairy waste by turning that waste into a professional-grade organic soil amendment through a patented vermicomposting process. A process and product that is science-based and backed by extensive university testing and research.

In 2005 Worm Power set up its first vermicompost facility in Avon, NY adjacent to Coyne Farms—a fifth generation Dairy of Distinction and the sole source of feedstock for the Worm Power operation. This exclusive partnership is a foundational element in the consistent, uniform and repeatable Worm Power process and final product—an important part of what has made Worm Power the largest process-controlled producer of worm-worked materials and castings in the Western Hemisphere.