When it comes to a product’s effectiveness, anecdotal information is no substitute for actual results—especially when they’re backed by more than a decade of scientific development, rigorous research and testing.

Studies at Cornell University and Cal Poly, among others, show that 100% organic Worm Power helps you grow stronger, healthier and more vigorous plants—from the garden or greenhouse to the field or vineyard. The research also shows that the results stem from the stronger biological, chemical and physical properties that Worm Power creates in the soil that your plants grow in.


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  • Enhances soil tilth, water holding capacity, porosity and air space
  • Improves root zone and encourages bridging into native soils
  • Watershed safe, odorless, easy to apply

  • Introduces a beneficial mesophilic microbial community, including mycorrhizae
  • Provides an abundant source of humates, auxins and gibberellins
  • Contributes to improved seed germination
  • Improves root development
  • Reduces the need for fungicide applications
  • Presents evidence of soil-borne pathogen suppression

  • Delivers the full spectrum of macro and micro nutrients in a soluble, bio-available form – unparalleled in other composts & casting products
  • Reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers
  • Buffers soil pH