Healthy soil for turf management

From golf courses and city parks to school grounds and athletic fields, plus seasonal variables that come into play from one region to the next, there’s as broad a range of turf management practices as there are uses for the turf itself. The one element that is universally important: healthy soil.

Applying 100% organic Worm Power during initial seeding or sod prep, when repairing high-traffic areas, top-dressing after aeration or readying for winter, it will revitalize and strengthen the physical, biological and chemical properties of your soil. This helps:

  • Promote faster root growth, bridging and increased density
  • Improve turf vigor, tolerance and recovery
  • Improve soil porosity and water-holding capacity
  • Improve cation exchange capacity and buffer pH
  • Increase production of valuable auxins and humates
  • Improve effectiveness of existing conventional application regimen

Check out this webinar for more information on how Worm Power can benefit golf course turf.