Revitalize your vineyards

Aside from field crops, vineyards place some of the heaviest demands on the soil they cultivate. Even with favorable regional environments and longer growing seasons—to say nothing of operations in regions with far tougher growing conditions—maintaining the overall health of the soil is the most important element in maintaining the overall health of what’s being grown.

By mixing 100% organic Worm Power into the soil at the point of planting, or even around established vines and plants, you help revitalize the physical, biological and chemical properties of your soil, which helps:

    • Increase the availability of naturally occurring soil nutrients (in grapes, this enhances the Terroir)
    • Increase Brix content
    • Improve plant color, size, uniformity and yield
    • Improve root penetration, vine establishment, health and vigor and significantly reduce vine loss
    • Promote strong root development and reduce soft canopy growth
    • Reduce bulk density in heavy soils, the need for fertilizer and lime, and nutrient leaching
    • Reduce dependency on pesticides