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Jan 19,2023

Discovering the joys of dirt

Soil in hand for plantingWe love dirt! We also love worms, of course. For us, the soil is part of our daily life. We know, however, that not everyone loves dirt and worms the way we do. This can change though! Whether you, or someone you know, is 3 or 15, 68 or 94, you can learn to discover the joys of dirt.

Play in the dirt! When was the last time you simply played, or encouraged, someone to play in the dirt? That’s right. Simply playing in the dirt can bring joy. Yes, we know, some may find it feels funny or leaves lasting dust, but the pure joy of letting the dirt sift through your fingers or even the mud ooze beneath your toes can bring so much to your life! The article “25 Ways To Play With Dirt” gives great ways for youngsters (of all ages) to play in the dirt. Don’t be afraid to join them!

Dig in the dirt! You don’t have to just play in the dirt, you can also dig into it. That can become as simple as working in a vegetable or flower garden. For some it includes moving large amounts of dirt with heavy equipment. There is just something about moving within the dirt that brings us closer to our own food sources as well.

Embrace the dirt! Dirt doesn’t only bring joy. It actually has a lot of health benefits, including lowering stress and increasing your immune system. That doesn’t even include the fresh air and sunshine that benefits you as well! One article even goes into further detail of how dirt benefits you down to the cellular level.

Be okay with the dirt! Yes, your hands and feet will get dirty, but guess what? It will all wash off!

Smell the dirt! If it is truly too hard for you to put your hands in the dirt, think of other ways to enjoy the benefits it brings. One way is to smell the dirt. Yes, you read that right. Smell the dirt. Actually you may already be doing this, especially after it rains. You may find it fascinating to learn the science behind this smell too.

As you discover the joys of dirt through these tips, look for the worms too! Each one you see is doing an important job in your dirt, and ultimately your soil. We’d love to talk with you more about dirt, worms and so much more. You can reach us at 855-260-9676 or

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