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Apr 27,2023

Seeds and clones of the best new cultivars shaking up the industry

Photography © Eric Limon - www.maweddingphotographers.comThe cannabis industry has felt liberation like probably no other agriculture industry since the vineyards after prohibition. The newfound freedom to grow and collaborate openly with other growers has caused a boom in the health and growth of the industry, and to say it’s been exciting to see is an understatement.

We’ve witnessed, firsthand, a cannabis revolution. And one important thing that means for growers and consumers is an increase in quality. But let’s be real, this boom can be a little overwhelming. Amazing new strains and cultivars are available to growers now, and more are being added every day thanks to the openness of the industry.

David Downs edits his column, Leafly, on an almost weekly basis to keep up with new cultivars that are being introduced. Many of the new strains are highly specialized and highly potent, intended for unique purposes. So as growers select these highly specialized seeds and clones, they’ll want to be sure to know the needs of their clients and how those fit with the crop they intend to produce.

Cultivators continue to work to produce varietals that enhance flavor and effect. According to Downs, on the adult market, or recreational, side, seeds have emerged that produce buds with dense, coarse hairs with hues of purple, red and orange. Some varietals have a “bite” that is unmatched. What about the medicinal side of cannabis? Obviously, that is a priority. While this cultivation may look (a little) different from the recreation/adult side of the industry, the growth of varietals common on the medicinal side is also moving at a fast pace.

Currently, there are over 6,000 listings in Leafly’s database this spring. However, some 1,000 strains could be added by the end of the year. It’s a lot for growers to keep up with. Besides taking into account the effects of the cultivar, growing conditions and maturation rates must be considered.

Worm Power is here to ensure one thing for all cannabis growers no matter what cultivars they choose to grow, and that is quality soil that works as hard as they do. We understand the challenges and cost pressures of operating a profitable commercial grow operation. What if you could increase your dry bud weight by up to 36%? Our products, in research conducted with Heartland Industries, one of the largest cannabis producers in the world, did just that. As Gevin Gros, Greenhouse Manager for Heartland, explained, “Key benefits include reduced transplant time, increased drought and heat tolerance and most importantly a significant boost in yield and terpene content.” You can learn more about our work with Heartland and find our other research findings on our website.

Our organic, chemical-free wormcastings are something you can rely on without all the questions because you know it’s guaranteed safe and all-natural. We understand the challenges and cost pressures of operating a profitable commercial grow operation. We’re proud to work alongside cannabis growers during this exciting time of growth and discovery. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

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