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May 11,2023

Our most important partner: The earthworm

soil and worm and compost in farmers handsAs business owners, people tend to get caught up in the business: the deals, the partnerships, the money they need to make to honor those relationships. It’s easy to forget that when it comes to a business with agriculture, our business does not end with people.

We are also partners with the plants, the water, the soil and all the microbes that work beneath our crops and fields. Just like with our people partners, when it comes to our land partnerships, transactions take place, and benefits are given and received by every party that works their part of the operation. We work together with these elements in a constant relationship of give and take – a business partnership, if you will – to make agriculture successful for all parties involved.

One of the most hardworking partners we have on our side is the earthworm, and this partner doesn’t ask for much in the way of compensation, yet it gives so much in return. At Worm Power, we might be just a little biased, because we have found that this little creature can do amazing things with soil, namely consuming waste products and producing castings, or vermicompost.

The waste products in the soil worms like to consume are most often materials people consider waste, such as leftover plant materials, feedstock, manure and other microbes like bacteria and fungi. This diet means that worms create castings that are rich in nutrients, such as iron, sulfur, magnesium, zinc, copper and calcium. At our facility, our earthworms eat a steady diet of feedstock compost and dairy cow manure, which creates vermicompost high in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus! We also like to think it makes other earthworms pretty envious.

Earthworms are great business partners. As farmers and growers, we would be nowhere without healthy, nutrient-rich soil, and the earthworm is more than happy to keep up its part of the bargain. Earthworms never miss a day of work, and they turn out consistent, productive results that keep your end of the business producing healthy plants, robust root systems and plentiful crop yields. Worm Power, the world leader in organic vermicompost products, helps growers improve crop yield and plant performance through increased root development and plant nutrient uptake. We do this with the help of our most valued partner, and a great environmental asset to every farmer and grower on the planet: the earthworm.

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