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Mar 29,2022

A better and more sustainable path forward

11718630 - cowsOur Worm Power Liquid Extract is a powerful and proven way to increase the health and vigor of any type of plant. It’s also a great way to be more sustainable at home and at your business. Here are three important ways our company is helping to solve some of agriculture’s most pressing issues.

We’re helping to address the growing problem of dairy farm waste

Holy cow! Dairy farms produce a lot of waste. Purdue University estimates, for example, that 100 dairy cows will produce more than 6,000 cubic feet of liquid manure a month. That’s more than half a million gallons a year. According to the USDA, most U.S. dairy farms have between 1,000 and 5,000 cows, although some have more than 15,000. Crunch just a few numbers and you’ll quickly see how disposing of all of that waste has become a major environmental challenge. Too much is being produced each day to put to use in its present form as fertilizer.

Turns out, though, that cow manure is a great food source for worms, which gobble up cow manure and other natural ingredients and turn them into a powerful soil amendment. To be close to a large source of cow manure, In 2005, Worm Power set up its first vermicompost facility adjacent to fifth-generation Coyne Farm, a New York State Dairy of Distinction. Our facility, with 80,000 square feet of covered and indoor space, has since grown to become one of the largest controlled environment vermicompost producers in the world.

Cow manure is pushed through a separator where it is separated into liquids and solids. Worm Power mixes the solids with silage from corn, hay, and alfalfa grown on Coyne Farm to create a worm food with a perfect Carbon to Nitrogen ratio needed to produce uniform and consistent worm castings.

We’re helping farmers use less chemical fertilizer

Our product isn’t a fertilizer, but it does help plants absorb macro and micronutrients more efficiently, which can lead to a reduced need for fertilizer. Both field trials and university tissue sampling show that Worm Power Liquid Extract helps plants take in nutrients from both conventional and organic sources better than plants without a Worm Power Liquid Extract application. While our product is 100% natural and organic, the vast majority of Worm Power is applied by growers who use it to improve conventional growing techniques.

We’re helping homes and businesses go organic

Our CDFA certified and OMRI listed soil amendment fits well into any type of organic plant, crops and lawn care regimen. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your soil over the long term and either maintain or start an organic operation, we’re here to help you.

Learn more about how Worm Power provides its customers with a high-quality soil amendment you can’t find anywhere else while creating sustainable choices for households and businesses. Visit us on our website:

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