Frequently Asked Questions

I am a hydroponic grower and use soilless media. Will Worm Power work for me?

Worm Power is ideal for use in hydroponic operations and in fact in any growing operation that employs the use of an artificial mix or soilless media. Worm Power will inoculate your growing media and populate your root zone with beneficial microbes that will aid in nutrient uptake and enhance overall plant health.

We are not an organic operation. Will I still get the benefits from Worm Power?

Introducing Worm Power into your growing regimen will improve the overall health and strength of your crop whether you are an organic grower or employ more conventional growing methods. In fact, while we count numerous organic growers as “true believers” in our product, the vast majority of Worm Power is applied by growers engaged in conventional growing techniques.

Can I cut back on my fertilizer if I use Worm Power? If so, how much fertilizer can I cut back on?

Certainly one of the benefits of using Worm Power is an overall improvement in nutrient uptake. Given this fact, many growers do make the choice to reduce their nutrient input and achieve the same growth results with decreased fertilization costs. Others choose to maintain their existing fertilization regimen and realize the increased plant growth and yield associated with more efficient nutrient uptake. Every growing operation is unique and each must perform their own ROI analysis to determine what works best for them, but rest assured that the team at Worm Power is prepared to work with you to help you ascertain the most cost effective regimen possible.

I just want Worm Power for rooting/inoculation, why would I use it longer?

Worm Power works in the rhizosphere (root zone) to improve root health and development and to speed the bridging of roots into your growing media. Worm Power will most assuredly kick start the early establishment of your crop, but there is no reason to stop there. Continued use of Worm Power at the recommended rates will bring benefits to your crop throughout the growing cycle. These benefits include increased root mass, improved disease tolerance, sturdier plant development and finally, enhancements to your finished produce to include flavor profile, enhanced presence of desired plant compounds and improved shelf life, to name just a few.

I use salt fertilizers, why would I want to add Worm Power and microbes?

Every grower knows that fertilization is one of the most costly inputs to any growing operation. Introducing Worm Power and the associated microbial communities that it delivers will aid in nutrient uptake and improve the overall efficiency of your existing fertilizer program.

Can I brew a tea with Worm Power?

The crop benefits of Worm Power can be realized simply by adding it into an existing fertilizer program with no need for additional “enhancements”. That being said, Worm Power is a key component in many growers’ proprietary nutrient solutions. Growers around the globe have found innovative ways to employ Worm Power in their mixes and “teas”, all with great results.

I already use a microbe product how is Worm Power different?

Worm Power is unique in its origin. We offer a completely all-natural product that succeeds in capturing the broad spectrum of microbial benefits that worms impart to the soil. There are no added ingredients or microbes to our product. Yet, incredibly, Worm Power delivers over 1600 different microbial communities. Few, if any, microbial inoculants on the market today can boast of the ability to deliver such a broad array of microbial actors.

Does Worm Power have research that supports their claims?

Since the founding of the company, Worm Power has been involved in university-based research that has been funded through over $3 million in Federal, State and private grants. We are proud to have partnered with renowned researchers at Cornell University, Penn State University, University of Mississippi and many others to help provide third-party validation of the wide-ranging benefits that Worm Power can provide. (Follow the link for a list of our grant funded projects)

Will Worm Power cause biofilm buildup in my drip lines?

Any growing operation that has made use of organic based fertility products has learned to be wary of the potential for biofilm build up in their irrigation lines. Such build up can wreak havoc with emitters and requires great effort to eliminate. Worm Power has never caused a biofilm build up in irrigation lines, nor has it been known to foul emitters either as a result of biofilm or as a result of solids “dropping out” of our product.

Can I use Worm Power in my existing fertigation system?

Worm Power is compatible for use in your existing fertigation system. Our thorough filtering process, in which we pass our Worm Power liquid through a double filter, 70 micron mesh screen, ensures that particulate matter will not be an issue in your irrigation lines. Additionally, Worm Power may be tank mixed with your existing liquid fertilizers without fear of a precipitate forming in your mix tank. The team at Worm Power is ready to work with you to help establish an appropriate dosing regimen that works within the parameters of your current fertilizer program.

Is Worm Power’s distribution rate based on EC or pH?

The dosing rate of Worm Power is actually based on a set volume per plant per week without regard for EC or pH. The rationale behind these volume based rates is that Worm Power is much more than simple fertility. When you make use of our product you will be delivering a host of microbial actors to the root zone. These living organisms will populate the media surrounding the plants’ roots, as well as the roots themselves and must be delivered in quantities that are appropriate to each crop and container size.

Can I use Worm Power as a foliar spray?

The most effective means of applying Worm Power is directly to the growing media to promote efficient uptake by the plant’s root system. That being said, there are numerous growers that have achieved their desired results through foliar application. Should you choose to apply Worm Power as a foliar, we recommend the technique referred to as a “sprench”. (A sprench is a spray application that drenches the foliage to run off and allows the spray to drip down onto the growing media as a drench might – hence the term: SPRAY + DRENCH = SPRENCH).

How can Worm Power have a 2 year shelf life?

We had two specific goals when we set out to create our Worm Power Liquid Extract. The first was that our liquid worm castings possess the same efficacy as our original worm casting vermicompost and the second was an extended shelf life. After years of research and product development we achieved both of our goals. The microbial activity in Worm Power maintains its viability because we do not promote excessive population growth in our production process. We use what is referred to as a “non-aerated extraction” method which enables us to gently extract the fertility components and microbes from the solid worm castings and vermicompost into liquid form. Because we purposefully do not induce artificially high “blooms”, the microbes present in Worm Power have enough oxygen and “food” to sustain their viability in the bottle for up to two years.

What is the heavy metal content in Worm Power?

Our commitment to quality means that every batch of Worm Power is thoroughly and rigorously tested. We conduct our sampling, testing and analysis both throughout the production process and of our finished product in order to ensure that every ounce of Worm Power that we produce meets the highest quality standards.

You can view the heavy metal content as well as the nutrient analyses of Worm Power by following the link below.

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