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Worm Power has been providing a shelf stable, CDFA Organic certified, 100% vermicompost plant amendment to home gardeners for nearly 20 years. We are the vermicomposting experts. It’s what we know. It’s all we do.

Whether you garden as a hobby or a profession, or are growing flowers, fruit, vegetables or just want a healthier lawn, you want a natural, safe and easy to use product. You can apply Worm Power Liquid Extract with your liquid fertilizer, with your irrigation system, or by hand after you water. It is CDFA Organic Certified and proven to enhance root mass, expand root-zone development and increase nutrient uptake resulting in increased yield and enhanced plant quality.

Worm Power Liquid Extract Products for Home Gardeners

Available Sizes:

  • 32 Oz;

  • 1 Gallon and 2.5 Gallon

WP Organic Liquid Extract 32 Ounces

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WP Organic Liquid Extract 1 Gallon

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WP Organic Liquid Extract 2.5 Gallons

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Application Rate

While application rates can be dependent on a number of factors such as crop, grow environment, and feeding frequency, our general recommended Application Rates are as follows

By Plant in Soil or Soil-less Media

  • Apply 1.5oz (45ml) to the plant root zone every 7 days

For Hydroponics

  • Mix 1.5oz (45ml) into 1 gallon of nutrient solution and apply every 7 days