Commercial Growers and Farmers

Worm Power has been providing a shelf stable, CDFA Organic certified, 100% vermicompost plant amendment to commercial growers and farmers for nearly 20 years. We are the vermicomposting experts. It’s what we know. It’s all we do.

Worm Power Liquid Extract is a proven, stable, and reliable liquid amendment that can be safely integrated into any agricultural feeding program. Over 1,000,000 gallons of Worm Power Liquid Extract has been sold in the United States and abroad. Our liquid extract can be used in soil, soil-less media and hydroponic grow environments. It’s easy to apply, water soluble and can be utilized in drip irrigation, spray nozzles, emitters, and hydroponic tanks without clogging.

Worm Power Liquid Extract is a comprehensive complex bio chemical system created from worms living and working through high quality feedstock in an optimal environment. It provides the power of worm castings in a liquid form to enhance root mass, expand root-zone development, and increase uptake resulting in healthier plaints and higher yields.

Industry Segments


Worm Power Liquid Extract has been extensively tested with tomatoes. Results overwhelmingly show increased plant health, increased fruit count, and increase yield in fruit weight.


Worm Power Liquid Extract is used on more than half of the top 100 golf courses in the United States. It increases turf health, root growth, water holding capacity, and reduces thatch.


Worm Power Liquid Extract has provided an increase in dry yield of up to 37% and an increase in terpene content up to 50%. Both commercial and academic facilities have seen better plant health and increased root development.


Worm Power Liquid Extract provides strawberry growers with an increase of up to 28% in yield. Growers have found increased plant vigor, better fruit color, and increased frut size with out a decrease in BRIX.


Worm Power Liquid Extract has shown both increased plant health and yield in vegetable and leafy green production. Furthermore, university studies have shown Worm Power increases a plant’s resistance to pathogens.


Worm Power Liquid Extract is extensively used in commercial and residential landscaping. Landscapers using Worm Power have healthier plants and turf that additionally have a higher tolerance to drought.

Worm Power Liquid Extract Products for Commercial Growers and Farmers

Available Sizes:

  • 5 gallons (2 X 2.5 gallon Jugs);

  • 55 Gallon Drum;

  • 275 Gallon Tote

WP Organic Liquid Extract 5 Gallon


WP Organic Liquid Extract 55 Gallon


WP Organic Liquid Extract 275 Tote


Application Rate

While application rates can be dependent on a number of factors such as crop, grow environment, and feeding frequency, our general recommended Application Rates are as follows

By Plant in Soil or Soil-less Media

  • Apply 1.5oz (45ml) to the plant root zone every 7 days

For Hydroponics

  • Mix 1.5oz (45ml) into 1 gallon of nutrient solution and apply every 7 days

Since all growing systems are unique, our Business Development Managers will work with you to customize a feeding plan to generate the best results based on your grow objectives and specific grow environment.