Our Beneficial Impacts

Microbe Biology

It is well known that healthy soils and biomes have an extensive microbial community that has a symbiotic relationship with the media, root systems, and other organisms that the microbial community lives with.  Cornell University conducted a microbial taxonomy study on Worm Power Liquid Extract and Granular that identified over 1,400 organisms living in suspension.  Worm Power Liquid Extract provides a natural and diverse set of microbe life that benefits both plants and media rather than a specific cultured microbe.

Root Development

Root mass is increased with use of Worm Power Liquid extract.  The University of Tennessee utilizing X-Ray technology showed that Worm Power Liquid extract increases root area by over 2.3 times and root mass by over 1.9 times.  Our customers find larger and healthier root balls in plants with Worm Power applications compared to those plants without.

Plant Health

Worm Power is proven to improve plant health.  Studies at the University of Cornell show that plants treated with Worm Power Liquid Extract are more able to withstand disease.  Additionally, we have found on field trials that plants treated with Worm Power Liquid Extract produce up to 50% more disease fighting compounds than those plants not treated with Worm Power Liquid Extract.

Yield Increase

Both field trials and university testing have shown that Worm Power Liquid extract consistently improves yield.  Strawberry fruit yields are increased by up to 28%.  Tomato fruit yields are increased by up to 13%.  Cannabis dry flower yields are increased by up to 37%.

Nutrient Uptake

Healthier plants with larger root mass will uptake macro and micro nutrients more efficiently.  Unsurprisingly, both field trials and university tissue sampling demonstrate that plants applied with Worm Power Liquid Extract uptake nutrients from both conventional and organic sources and meet the needs of the plant more consistently than those plants without a Worm Power Liquid Extract application.


Worm Power has harnessed the power of the earth worm.  Our vermicomposting process is natural.  No chemicals are added.  Our facility is designed to optimize the conversion of feedstock into a valuable vermicompost liquid extract.  Worm Power Liquid Extract is CDFA organic certified and only contains OMRI listed inputs and water.