Our Story

Worm Power, the world leader in organic Vermicompost products, helps growers improve crop yield and plant performance through increased root development and plant nutrient uptake.

Worm Power was founded in 2003 with a revolutionary vison to establish a bridge between animal and plant agriculture with a belief that there is a better and more sustainable path forward.

Dairy farms across the United States have a solid waste and environmental challenge. The waste created by their cattle has valuable nutrient and microbial components that cannot be used in its current form. Farmers are able to reuse some of this waste in their crop fertility program, but the vast majority of the waste has to be disposed of. Worm Power created a solution to this challenge. We engineered a way to convert that waste into a usable and valuable product.

In 2005 Worm Power set up its first vermicompost facility adjacent to a fifth generation Dairy of Distinction and the sole source of feedstock for the Worm Power operation. The strong and exclusive partnership we formed with the farm provides the consistency, uniformity, and repeatability required for Worm Power’s products. Early on, Worm Power also built strong relationships with academic institutions including Cornell University. We have been awarded 17 research grants from State and Federal Agriculture Agencies to further develop vermicomposting and it’s effectiveness on a variety of crops. Additionally, we have contributed and/or been a part of over 20 academic research studies.

Initially, Worm Power created vermicompost granular for use in soil mixing, soil reconditioning, and top dressing. The facility grew to become one of the largest controlled environment vermicompost producers in world with the capability to produce over 100 tons of vermicompost granular a year. Worm Power sold the granular to both wholesale distributors and growers throughout the United States.

In 2011, Worm Power started developing a proprietary process to convert our vermicompost granular into a liquid extract. Commercial production of our liquid extract began in 2013. We found that with our high quality vermicompost granular, we were able to able to produce a shelf stable liquid extract that was unlike anything else in the market. Worm Power Liquid Extract has all the benefits of vermicompost granular, but can be applied in a much wider array of methods and to additional crops that traditional vermicompost granular cannot. By 2020, we converted our facility to the exclusive production of liquid extract.

Today Worm Power is the largest producer of a worm casting liquid extract that is 100% sourced from worm castings. Worm Power Liquid extract is used throughout the world in commercial agriculture, golf courses, landscaping, and by home gardeners.

Within our facility’s tightly controlled environment our worms produce 100% organic castings and worm-worked material that is then converted to a liquid extract. Worm Power Liquid Extract strengthens the Chemical, Physical and Biological aspects of the media around your plant’s root zone and improves the soil health, and the growth, vigor and strength of your plants.

Our Mission

Worm Power provides growers with Vermicompost-derived products that enhance the grow environment — allowing for superior nutrient uptake, increased plant health and crop yield, and greater profitability for our customers — while honoring our commitment to a sustainable, environmentally-conscious process 

Our Vision

Worm Power will be the worldwide leader in providing innovative vermicompost products to plant, vegetable, fruit, turf, and high value horticultural crops

Our Core Values

Create Value

This value is centered on generating meaningful and measurable benefits for customers, employees, and society as a whole. It emphasizes a commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility, all with the goal of creating tangible and intangible value that exceeds expectations and contributes to sustainable growth.

Practice Sustainability

This value emphasizes a commitment to responsible environmental stewardship, social impact, and economic viability, taking into account the long-term impact of the company's actions and decisions.

Communicate Clearly

This value is essential for establishing and maintaining relationships, resolving conflicts, and achieving common goals. Clear communication is crucial for effective collaboration and teamwork.

Time is of the Essence

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This value emphasizes treating customers, employees and partners with dignity, empathy, and fairness, regardless of differences in background, culture, or opinions.

Commitment to Customer’s Needs

This value puts the customer at the center of everything the company does, emphasizing a commitment to meeting customer needs, providing exceptional service, and building long-term relationships.