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May 19,2022

Benefits of organic in farming and gardening

Soil in hand for plantingOrganic farming and gardening is more than just an amazing process. It’s a beneficial one too! Here are some ways organic processes and products make a lasting impact for farms and gardens.

Fewer pesticides: Often we think of fewer pesticides on the foods we or animals eat. While that is true with organic farming and gardening, the impact of fewer pesticides goes beyond the food. This also means that those working in the farms and gardens have less exposure to pesticides and its residue. This goes beyond the plants to include groundwater, air and overall soil not only at the farm or garden site but in the community as well.

Increases soil health: Healthy soil produces healthy crops. Chemicals and pesticides only weaken the soil; organic farming and garden processes instead increase the health of the dirt necessary for growth. Additionally, soil is better protected from erosion when organic products and techniques are used.

Protects water: Fewer pesticides and increased soil health all lead to further protecting water. This comes through less use of toxins that can enter water ways as well as decrease in animal waste quickly entering those water ways. Additionally, those who farm and garden organically are more aware of conserving water through healthy soil techniques. Don’t forget water isn’t just the streams and rivers leading to further bodies of water. It also includes how the soil and land absorb and filter rain and water.

Protects biodiversity: Farming and gardening can remove natural aspects of biodiversity as land may not naturally be conducive to growing plants and crops. Organic techniques instead protect biodiversity. For example, an article within the National Library of Medicine shares that “Organic farming appears to be associated with increased species richness and abundance for plants, predatory invertebrates and birds.” Overall this emphasis on biodiversity can impact weather, pests and even diseases.

Increases nutrition: Organic techniques and products can lead to increased nutrients. For example, “Studies have also proven that organic produce tends to have higher levels of vitamin C, certain minerals, and antioxidants.”

Recycles organic waste: This is exactly how Worm Power makes a difference. We take dairy cow waste and worms, the engine of nature, to create organic products to benefit your farm and garden. We’d love to talk to you further about your needs and our products as well as the importance of organic processes and products. You can reach us at 855-260-9676 or We look forward to talking with you soon.

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