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Apr 21,2022

Four simple steps to a more sustainable landscape

101786572 - dianthus caryophyllus (carnation) in a sunny xeriscape garden.You don’t need to have the world’s best green thumb to go ‘green’ in your landscaping. Simply selecting the right foliage for your unique climate and making a few other types of simple changes can help you create a sustainable and attractive landscape while saving you water, money and work. Here are some tips:

Learn more about native plants. Rather than opting for plants for your yard that aren’t the best fit for your local environment, choose plants that are native to the area and that will support the local ecosystem. These plants are already acclimated to your region and typically require less water, fertilizer and maintenance year-round. Native plants are not only easy to grow but many varieties add beauty to your yard. If you like flowers, you’re sure to find a wide variety of native varieties that provide color — and attract pollinators — to your yard all summer long.

Invest in perennials. Perennials are flowers, herbs and other plants that generally live for more than one growing season. Many varieties of perennials come back reliably each spring, year after year. Each fall, the top part of perennial plants die off, but the roots remain, regrowing the plant in the spring. In contrast, annual plants complete their entire life cycle in one growing season and must be replaced each spring. Many perennials come back reliably each year with minimal care over the winter months. Ask about perennials the next time you shop for plants for your yard — you’ll be glad you did.

Select drought-resistant grasses. Selecting grasses that are native to the area and drought-resistant and reducing the size of your lawn can cut down on the time you spend fertilizing, watering and mowing. Drought-tolerant grass varieties can help you have a beautiful lawn with a lot less work.

Enrich your soil naturally. At Worm Power, we’re committed to sustainability. We’ve provided a shelf-stable, CDFA Organic certified, 100% vermicompost plant amendment to home gardeners for nearly two decades. Our product is natural, safe and easy to use and is proven to enhance root mass, expand root-zone development and increase nutrient uptake, all of which results in better plant quality and higher yields. Our soil amendment can help you have greater success with your lawn, flowering plants, fruit trees and in your vegetable garden. We’re here to help you, whether your garden is your hobby or your business. Learn more about Worm Power on our website:

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