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Nov 17,2022

A flexible way to deliver powerful benefits to your plants

Agricultural field. Large Organic Strawberry green field.Our all-natural Worm Power Liquid Extract is a flexible way to improve the growth, vigor and strength of your plants. It’s applied throughout the world in just about every type of setting — commercial farms and agricultural operations, home gardens, golf courses and in landscaping projects. Our worm castings in liquid form also work well with all types of plants, agricultural methods (conventional and organic) and plant care systems. Here are some of the many ways our product can fit into any agricultural feeding program to deliver a host of benefits to your plants.

Irrigation systems

Worm Power can easily be used in your existing irrigation system. Our thorough filtering process ensures that particulate matter will not be an issue in your irrigation lines. Additionally, Worm Power may be mixed with your existing liquid fertilizers without fear of an undesirable precipitate forming in your mix tank. Our team can help you determine an appropriate dosing regimen that works within your current fertilizer program.

Drip systems

Worried about biofilm buildup in your drip lines? It definitely can be a concern with some types of organic products. But not ours! Worm Power has never caused a biofilm buildup in irrigation/drip lines, nor has it been known to foul emitters as a result of biofilm or as a result of solids “dropping out” of our product.

Hydroponic operations

Our incredible product is great for hydroponic operations, too! In fact, it is ideal for use in any growing operation that employs the use of an artificial mix or soilless media. Worm Power will inoculate your growing media and populate your root zone with beneficial microbes that will aid in nutrient uptake and enhance overall plant health. It won’t clog hydroponic tanks.

Foliar application

While we recommend that our customers apply our product to the plant’s growing media for optimal absorption by the root system, we have several customers that opt for foliar application. They say it works incredibly well for them. If you are thinking about applying Worm Power as a foliar, talk to us about a technique we call a “sprench” — a spray application that drenches the foliage and runs off, allowing the spray to drip down onto the growing media as a drench might. (SPRAY + DRENCH = SPRENCH ).

As you can see, Worm Power Liquid Extract is a flexible product that fits into your agricultural program or home garden. It can help you deliver powerful benefits to your plants as an addition to your plant feeding system. It’s OMRI listed, CDFA organic certified and only contains OMRI listed inputs and water. Learn more about us on our website:

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