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Dec 02,2022

What is foliar feeding (and how should you use it?)

Grandfather growing organic vegetables with grandchildren and family at farmThere are near-endless ways to grow and optimize your crops. From fertilizer-based add-ins to sunlight time and rotation, your crops are a complex composition of every single decision leading up to their current stage of development – which is why considering new growth strategies is so important to your success in the field. Foliar feeding is just one strategy of many that have helped farmers and growers find new levels of success with their annual crops, especially when done strategically. Read on to learn more about foliar feeding, when you should consider this style of plant nutrition, and how you should use foliar feeding during your upcoming growth season. What is foliar feeding? Foliar feeding is a strategy that farmers use, which requires them to apply growth medium, enhancement, or fertilizer on a plant’s exposed leaf area. This is done either instead of or alongside the use of fertilizer in the soil in an attempt to give the plant more comprehensive nutrition. Generally, this type of feeding is done with a specialized spray that can easily be applied to large areas of crops during a set time. When is foliar feeding right for plants? This type of plant nutrition management can be done on a flexible basis, as long as the weather is somewhat mild. Foliar spray doesn’t hold up well in heatwaves or warmer climates. Academic studies have shown that it performs best when the air is around 72 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of application. For most regional growers, this occurs in the early morning or later in the evening. You can use foliar spray on any plant that has robust leaves with surface area for absorption. It also helps if the leaves are thicker, allowing the spray to absorb a bit more than thinner leaves would. You might consider foliar feeding once you’ve dialed in your soil composition and fertilized it, ensuring that the plant growth can be facilitated at the root level, as well as the leaf-level nutrient conversion. How do I do foliar feeding on plants? You can easily use Worm Power as a foliar spray – however, we primarily recommend it as an add-on to your growing media. If you choose to use Worm Power, simply add the product to your sprayer of choice and thoroughly wet your plants, allowing the remaining product to drip down into whatever soil or growth media you’re using. That way, your plant gets the most possible benefit out of each use – as it should. Ready to explore the future of food growth? Visit our website today for more information!

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