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Dec 16,2022

Which growing medium is best for gardening?

9368950 - healthy organic apples in the basketYour garden is as great as the growing media you use for it – which is why it’s so important to understand the different types and how to best use them. Below, we’re digging into everything you need to know about the different growing media available for gardens and farms, and each use case.

1. Bagasse

Bagasse is created from sugarcane smiling, acting as a natural by-product of protection and a sustainable growing medium of choice if you’re looking for a more fiber-dense option. Its other applications include paper base or a type of green fuel, and it burns very efficiently.

When used in your garden, you can enjoy better irrigation and water retention and a higher nutrient content across your soil parcel. Specific nutrients that bagasse retains include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, all of which are critical to growth. It’s a great choice to use if your land is depleted or aged, and you’re looking to revitalize it quickly.

2. Peat

Peat (otherwise known as peat moss) is more commonly found in gardens and farms, and is fantastic for clearing your soil of fungus and bacteria. If you live in a particularly wet climate, this is important, as those elements can easily compromise the health and vitality of your soil composition. It’s not considered a renewable resource, but it does last for some time on the surface of your soil – giving your acid-friendly plants a delicious and nutrient-dense “treat.”

3. Sand

Sand on a farm? We promise we aren’t crazy – sand is actually an excellent growing media when used correctly! If you’re experiencing drainage issues, sand can offer a quick fix, assisting you with effective drainage and symbiotic moisture retention. It’s incredibly cheap to get (especially if you’re gardening by the coast) — and you don’t need a lot to make a significant difference in your garden.

Give your soil a boost with Worm Power

No matter what growing media you choose, you should consider also refreshing your soil with nutrient-dense deliveries of quality nutrition you can trust. Worm Power provides quality vermicomposting support for personal gardens, hydroponic growing operations, and commercial farms – helping you reach new levels of success with your crop quality and yield.

Worm Power isn’t filled with fillers and chemicals like other commercial brands. Instead, you’re getting the unbridled power of one of the most natural sources for garden growth and success – worms!

For more information, please visit our website. We look forward to assisting you!

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