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Aug 18,2022

Can hydroponic growers benefit from Worm Power?

Planting hydroponicsThe hydroponics market is expanding rapidly around the world. One estimate from Grandview Research suggests a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%. Growers who use hydroponics rely on water rather than on soil to produce crops. These systems require special care and expertise, so it’s natural for hydroponics growers to question whether additives such as Worm Power can work for them.

The good news is this: Yes, Worm Power can work for hydroponics! As a company dedicated to a sustainable future for agriculture, it’s our aim to help growers of all types. In addition to hydroponics, we serve diverse markets including cannabis, lawn care and high-value crops.

At Worm Power, we start by taking solid waste from dairy cows and turning it into a usable, valuable product. We do this through a process called vermicomposting in which worms work their way through composted waste, enabling it to be turned into liquid or granular products that are great for plants and the environment.

Worm Power works great for hydroponics operations, as well as any businesses that grow crops or plants with an artificial mix or soilless media.

The benefits of our products are numerous. First, Worm Power inoculates your growing media. Then, it populates the root zone of the plants you are raising with beneficial microbes. These microbes deliver every time by aiding in both nutrient uptake and improving the overall health of your plants.

To validate and further refine the use cases for vermicompost, we have partnered with numerous researchers at Cornell University for well over a decade. The opportunities of this product have been explored in a diverse range of applications including cabbage transplant production; greenhouse production of seedlings and much more. If you’re curious to learn more the insights we’ve gleaned, you can check out the Research and Development brochure on our website.

As a hydroponics operation, you’re likely seeking continuous improvement to reduce your environmental footprint and improve your overall stewardship. In addition to using Worm Power, there are plenty of free resources online that can provide good information for your business. Among these is the hydroponics section of the Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Library. Here, you’ll find reports about trends in vertical farming including hydroponics, videos illustrating other hydroponic systems at work and detailed analyses of business considerations to ensure your operation is economically sustainable.

At Worm Power, we welcome the opportunity to help hydroponics operations of all sizes. Let nature show you the way. Contact us at 855-260-9676 or email

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