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Aug 04,2022

Connecting to the land

40446211 - child playing in garden with dirty handsHow connected are you to the land? As we each work with the land, and soil, it is often a natural extension of who we are. We talk about the land differently. We view it differently. We protect it fiercely. We experience it in unique ways. We understand the connection to the land so many fail to recognize.

This can change! We all can help others appreciate the land – and soil – and all it brings to us, regardless of age. Here are some simple ways you can share your love of the land by encouraging yourself, once again, and others to find the simple joys in the land.

Get outside. The first way to appreciate the land and soil is to simply go outdoors in all seasons. You don’t even have to partake in outside activities at first. You may start by simply learning to enjoy nature and all it brings. Even starting in small increments can make a difference. Instead of sitting in front of the television or digital newspaper inside your home, take it outside to a porch, under a tree or even a step into the house.

Walk barefoot. This can be a hard one to change, but nothing can explain the wonderful feeling of the dirt under your feet. Maybe you take it a step further and walk on the grass and dirt after a rain shower. Yes, the feeling may be odd at first, but it will bring you joy eventually.

Get dirty. Part of the excitement of being outside is the joy of simply getting dirty by allowing the dirt and grass to cover you in different ways. Remember rolling down the hill as a child? Try that again. Remember feeling the grass and picking one piece to try to whistle through? Attempt that again. Remember the dirt in your fingers as you picked out that perfect rock from a dirt path? Find those rocks again. Even if these weren’t part of your memories, you can make them part today! And we promise the dirt will wash away!

As others become more connected to the land, we will see it better protected and used in life. Since 2003, Worm Power’s revolutionary vision has been to establish a bridge between animal and plant agriculture with a belief that there is a better and more sustainable path forward. One of these ways is through using our organic product, Worm Power Liquid extract, which is a worm casting liquid extract 100% sourced from worm castings.

Let’s talk more about how our product and your connection to the land can benefit each other whether you are looking to improve your soil within your commercial agriculture presence, golf course, landscaping company or home garden. You can reach us at 855-260-9676 or


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