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Jul 22,2022

Making your garden your own

148173395_MWe often think of gardens being about flowers and produce, but they can be so much more! Here are some ways you can bring your personality into your garden.

Gardens usually have scarecrows to scare away the birds, yet is a scarecrow really what you want? Gardens can be filled with whatever items are special to you. Those can be large sculptures or even small trinkets placed throughout the garden.

More important than what you place in the garden is what significance, and ultimately joy and peace, they bring to you. Not sure what to add in? Next time you go to a nursery, home improvement store or even a thrift store, take the time to wander to see what catches your eye to add to your garden.

Working in a garden can take time and energy. It can also be a place of peace and pondering. Consider adding a seating area within or right outside your garden. It can be luxurious or simple. A hammock, a bench or even a chair are good examples of what you can add. Again, take the time to wander a bit in stores or online for what catches your eye within your budget to add to your garden experience.

A garden can also be a place to incorporate sounds that inspire you. It could be running water through a fountain or small pond you add. It could be the sound of wind chimes. It could even be the sound of wind blowing through a wind spinner also known as a pinwheel. Again, these can be as elaborate or as simple as your interests and budget allow.

Not sure you want to spend the money on these items yourself? They make great gift ideas to give to family and friends who aren’t sure what to get you. You also don’t have to add all of these right away. Just as the produce and flowers in your garden grow, so do the accents you add over time to personalize your garden space.

As you grow your garden, don’t forget about the importance of products and resources, such as Worm Power, that will only add to your garden’s success in organic and sustainable ways. We’d love to talk to you more about Worm Power and your garden when you reach us at 855-260-9676 or

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