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Jul 07,2022

How to start a garden

Young woman with fresh vegetable harvest in the gardenSo you want to start a garden. We are excited you are ready to dig into the dirt and work to grow your own food. You may, however, wonder about how to start a garden. It goes beyond just digging in the dirt and picking out plants. Here are some tips to help you start on your gardening journey.

Consider where you want your garden on your property. This takes more than just finding the dirt available in your yard. Instead, start by looking at your gardening zone so you are aware of the date ranges for frost in your zone. The USDA offers a great interactive Plant Hardiness Zone Map where you can enter your zip code to see the results. Once you know your gardening zone, look on your property where you want your garden to grow. This may be an easy answer or may take some time. Don’t forget, raised beds and even indoor gardens have added to the possibilities. The most important aspect is to find a gardening location that works best for you for access, watering and sunshine.

Consider what you want to grow and eat. Having a garden won’t be beneficial if you aren’t going to eat its produce. Consider the fruits and vegetables that are a normal part of your dining experience. Those are the ones you want to start to grow. Of course, you can add some new ones to try. Don’t forget the importance of flowers in and around your garden. Some simply bring beauty, but others, such as marigolds, help prevent unwanted guests from your garden.

Consider your gardening tools. Good dirt, great plants, sunshine, water and fertilizer, such as ours, won’t work alone. The tender touch of your hands and tools in the garden will make a difference too. Make sure you have quality tools with different types of hoes, rakes, shovels and hand tools. Don’t forget to add what tools you will use to water your garden and even protect it from visitors who may want to nibble on your growing produce. A trip to your local or online hardware or gardening store will offer you plenty of choices within different colors, types and price ranges. Find the ones that work best for you and your garden, and ask the employees for guidance.

Consider Worm Power and its benefits to your garden. Worm Power has been providing a shelf-stable, CDFA Organic certified, 100% vermicompost plant amendment to home gardeners, commercial growers and farmers for nearly 20 years. We are the vermicomposting experts. It’s what we know. It’s all we do. It’s where we embrace the power of worms, the engine of nature. Let’s talk today at 855-260-9676 or about your gardening plans and needs.

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