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Jun 16,2022

Eco-friendly recycling tips

Eco concept :Wood texture Recycle icon on green leaves wallOften we assume recycling just comes naturally as individuals and businesses. Our strong emphasis on providing an eco-friendly and organic product puts us right in the midst of emphasizing recycling. Whether you are new to recycling, want to increase your recycling impact or even understand how to recycle better, you can make an impact!

Learn your local recycling systems. For some areas this includes routine recycling pick up days and weeks. This may be a schedule similar to your trash pick-up. For other areas, this involves taking your recycling to a local drop-off areas. This also includes knowing what containers are to be used. That could include containers that are provided, stickers to place on your own containers or even making arrangements for large recycling containers.

Watch for special recycling events. Those electronics and appliances can be recycled, just not in regular pick-up. Those containers of leftover motor oil and tires can also be recycled, just not through regular pick up. Instead, watch for special events or specific locations to drop off more than just regular recyclables.

Learn what can’t be recycled. The biggest item to avoid with recycling is food-related. That pizza box with a little bit of grease – nope! When it comes to food and food residue on recyclable items, it needs to be thrown in the trash, not the recycling bin. Of course, if you can wash out the cans or bottles, it can still be recycled. You just don’t want your lingering food, especially grease, chicken or seafood, to seep into other items that can no longer be recycled.

Watch the weather forecast. Flattening all the cardboard doesn’t achieve the same results if you set your cardboard out and it is rained on overnight. That wet cardboard will only cause further problems at the recycling facility with their sorting equipment. Sadly, this often means that wet cardboard will end up in the trash. The weather forecast may be a bit of an inconvenience to hold onto that cardboard one more week or to drive to a recycling container, but it will be worth the effort overall.

Learn what system works for your internal recycling needs. Before you have your recycling set out for pick up or dropped off in a larger bin, you need to have it gathered in your home or business. As a result, you will need to develop your own system for collecting. It may be an area or container designated for recycling. It may also mean looking over your own trash bag for those not quite used to recycling yet. It may mean gentle reminders to recycle. Reminders that result in an increased emphasis and difference in being eco-friendly with us!


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