Nov 17
A flexible way to deliver powerful benefits to your plants

Our all-natural Worm Power Liquid Extract is a flexible way to improve the growth, vigor and strength of your plants..

Nov 04
Inside the 4-step process of vermicomposting with worms

Ask someone on our team whether worms have superpowers, and we’ll quickly confirm that, yes, they absolutely do. Just take.

Oct 25
How worms power regenerative agriculture

Earthworms don’t often get a lot of credit for the incredible benefits they provide for farmers and others who grow.

Oct 06
How to improve your lawn care or garden business with vermicomposting

Whether you run a professional landscaping company or garden at a commercial scale, you recognize the value of seeing nature.

Sep 15
How berry crops benefit from vermicomposting

Berries are a big deal here in the U.S. The farm gate value of strawberries—the No. 1 most popular berry.

Sep 01
What is organic plant production and why does it matter?

Continuous improvement is the name of the game when it comes to sustainable plant production. There are always new practices.

Aug 18
Can hydroponic growers benefit from Worm Power?

The hydroponics market is expanding rapidly around the world. One estimate from Grandview Research suggests a compound annual growth rate.

Aug 04
Connecting to the land

How connected are you to the land? As we each work with the land, and soil, it is often a.

Jul 22
Making your garden your own

We often think of gardens being about flowers and produce, but they can be so much more! Here are some.

Jul 07
How to start a garden

So you want to start a garden. We are excited you are ready to dig into the dirt and work.